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Closed case Series Box Set


British Murder Mysteries books 1-4

Closed Case Box Set: British Murder Mysteries Detective Tammy Williams is the young English female detective created by James Jackson. The author introduces the reader to a variety of characters and plots that take many unexpected twists and turns resulting in dramatic and climatic conclusions leaving the reader wanting more. Unusual Confession The story begins with seven teenage friends on a hot summer day, the events that followed cost many of them their lives. The…

Unfinished Business: British Murder Mysteries (Book 4)


Closed case Series

Unfinished Business: British Murder Mysteries (Close Case Series: 4) In the final book of the series Closed Case, James Jackson pulls no punches and suprises us with a twist of fate. Life seemed to settle down to a normal pace for detective Tammy Williams after returning from a trip abroad with her family. One thing still haunts her, the serial killer that got away and continues to flaunt his ability to not get caught in…

Murder on the Eiffel Tower


British Murder Mysteries (Book 3) (Closed Case Series)

Murder on the Eiffel Tower: British Murder Mysteries (Closed Case Series: 3) Lead Detective Tammy Williams takes a deserved holiday in Paris, France, with her family after the demoralizing and failed “Over the Hills” case. The let down from the previous case is still weighing heavily on her mind. She puts her stress and concerns behind her, and decides to enjoy the vacation with her family in one of the world’s most romantic locations. Surrounded…

Over The Hills


British Murder Mysteries

Over The Hills: British Murder Mysteries (Closed Case Series: 2) James Jackson introduces the reader to a variety of characters in a plot that takes many unexpected twists and turns, much like the old Sherlock Holmes or James Patterson novels, and leaves the reader wanting more. After solving unusual confession case, Detective Tammy Williams is quite well-known in Manchester, and she is the envy of the rest of her colleagues. So, it is no surprise…