Unusual Confession

British Murder Mysteries

Unusual Confession: British Murder Mysteries (Close Case Series: 1)

James Jackson weaves a riveting tale set in the small town of Hartsfield. He has excellent manner of working through a mystery, much like the old Sherlock Holmes or James Patterson novels.

The story begins with seven teenage friends on a hot summer day. The events that followed cost many of them their lives. The mystery left behind leaves the town in a dark shadow, full of sadness and anger that the murders were not solved and the killer was not caught.

Tammy Williams is a young detective who is looking for adventure and a challenge when an interesting man walks in and makes an unusual confession. After carefully listening to his tale, Tammy realizes there are things missing from his story and follows the 20-year-old trail of a killer to resolve the cases from that long ago summer.

There are many interesting characters, twists and turns in this story leading up to a dramatic and climatic conclusion.

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