Closed Case Series: Just Released

British Murder Mysteries (Closed Case Series)

James “JJ” Jackson has just released his new Crime Fiction series “Closed Case“. The series, 4 books, follows the trails and investigations of a young female detective, Tammy Williams. Tammy is a woman that recently joined a detective team in the middle of Manchester. The stories are basically set in Hartsfield, Manchester, in the UK.

Up to now, all of her cases have involved gangs killings, so there has been little challenge to test Tammy’s ability yet, and Tammy is finding herself getting bored of the job.

Tammy was promoted to detective after solving a difficult crime when she was 17 years old. She is a strong looking and attractive woman, her her hair is long and dark. Her skin is a light olive complexion, and her clothing is generally a pair of trouser, a women’s shirt and a woman’s jacket.

She finds herself involved in cold case murders as she has skills akin to Sherlock Holmes. Find out how Tammy solves the most difficult crimes using her powers of deduction and investigation in the Closed Case series.


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