Over the Hills: Crime Fiction Series

Over the Hills: Crime Fiction Series

By now you would have finished book 1, Unusual Confession in James “JJ” Jackson’s crime fiction series. If not here is the link to sign up for a FREE copy. It’s time to see what Tammy’s most difficult case yet brings. Get book 2 for only 0.99 cents at Amazon UK or US. A web of intrigue and mystery awaits you!

After solving unusual confession case, Detective Tammy Williams is quite well-known in Manchester, and she is the envy of the rest of her colleagues. So, it is no surprise when the boss asks her to investigate a cold case.

Williams is still on a high from solving her previous case, when a body is unearthed on a deserted hillside in a field behind an abandoned house, in Manchester. There are no leads, and nothing to help Tammy with her inquiries. She thinks she is coming to a dead end, but a last-minute piece of evidence leads Tammy to discover the identity of this mysterious woman. As the story unfolds, more bodies are recovered, eight in total.

Tammy works her way through extensive research involving a man that seems to fit the role of a serial killer, only to discover that things are not quite, what they seem. Working endless hours and interviewing many witnesses, racing against time and trying to piece the puzzle together to solve the string of murders so the families of the victims can find peace and justice proves to be more difficult than she imagined.

Join Tammy on her adventure as she works through what’s possibly her most difficult case yet. Read through the horror, suspense and mystery as you will lead to an ending you won’t believe.

James Jackson introduces the reader to a variety of characters in a plot in this crime fiction series that takes many unexpected twists and turns and leaves the reader wanting more.

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