Unfinished Business: Closed Case Series

closed case series

Unfinished Business: Closed Case Series

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Review for Unfinished Business: Closed Case Series: British Murder Mysteries

Our favorite detective from the closed case series, Tammy, is back from her not so relaxing trip to Paris and settled into work. We find out that her boyfriend has died and Tammy is still harping over the serial murder killer who she had to let go. Her nemesis, Barry Scott, returns at the very beginning of the story to play a very interesting role in the next murder investigation Tammy is to do. However, Tammy finds herself as a suspect. Without giving much more away, we can see that James “JJ” Jackson really pulls no punch in the final book to this series. In this short mystery we see issues of moral choices and fate. Of course, there are many vengeful and jealous characters that could be capable of anything and those little details throughout the story that could help us come to our own conclusion, which I love so much. Well done Mr. Jackson. I thought this was a great choice to end the series.

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Unfinished Business: Book 4: Closed Cased Series

In the final book of the series Closed Case, James Jackson pulls no punches and surprises us with a twist of fate. Life seemed to settle down to a normal pace for detective Tammy Williams after returning from a trip abroad with her family. One thing still haunts her, the serial killer that got away and continues to flaunt his ability to not get caught in his sinister game of cat and mouse. The victims family members are angry knowing that Tammy was not able to resolve the case and bring the serial killer that murdered their loved ones to justice. Caught off guard in a bar filled with the victims’ families and fellow police officers off duty, Tammy winds up being thrust into a role she did not think she would ever play. In a surprising turn of events Tammy has to rely on the help of an old friend to figure out the case that might change the course of her life.

Closed Case series

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